About Us

Camp Burbalac is a Christian family campground affiliated with the Trent Valley Association of Baptist Churches. Our purpose is to provide camping facilities in a Christian environment where campers of all ages can deepen their relationship with God in the beauty and tranquility of His Creation.

We are located approximately a half hour north of Peterborough on beautiful Big Cedar Lake.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet to just relax; an evening around the campfire where you will be able to listen to the mournful sounds of the Loon; or a busy afternoon at the popular diving rock …. we’ve got it all!

Come for a week….come for a weekend……or just come for a day to see and enjoy what Camp Burbalac has to offer!

We take great pride in maintaining a clean and safe campground where families and friends can get together and enjoy a great time in the midst of God’s creation.

Our informal worship time on Sunday mornings is also a great opportunity to fellowship and hear a message from God’s word. There is always music and singing can be heard across the lake – please bring your lawn chairs and join in!

We look forward to seeing you this summer!