Well, another camping season is over and as we enter the fall and winter seasons, we reflect on the memories of the summer and the progress we made in the camp. The summer saw the final upgrade of our electrical system and a new water filtration system to service the camp. The costs of these two upgrades has depleted our financial reserves and many campers and friends of Burbalac were very generous in helping us through this challenging time. However, the need is still great and we are in need of several thousand dollars to see us through the winter  in order to pay taxes and hydro which are large, ongoing expenses.

This shortfall has created the need to ask you, our friends and campers, to consider making a further gift to Burbalac to meet this need. If you are willing and able would you please prayerfully consider what you might give. Then take action and send a cheque to our Treasurer to aid in this cause. As always, you will receive a charitable tax receipt if you include your mailing address.

Mr. Jim Hatton
1010 Hatfield Crescent
Peterborough, ON
L9H 6L8

Please make any cheques payable to Camp Burbalac or call him at 705-745-5169 to make a donation by credit card.

Thank you for considering this! And if you are unable to help financially with this situation, please continue to pray that the Lord will keep us in his will and that the camp will remain a place of refreshing, renewal, and re-inspiration for those who seek to know our Lord in a more intimate way.
Again, thank you for your support!

Seeking to follow His will,
(on behalf of the camp board)
Dave Green, President of the Board



As of May 24 the water system shed has been completed and the water purifying equipment has been installed. We are just waiting to get the water turned on and the Health Dept. inspection. This will be completed by the camp opening.

The upgrade of the electrical system in Mapleridge has been mostly completed. We are just waiting for Hydro One to come and install the new transformer and pole so we can complete this project.

A huge thank you to all the wonderful people who contributed to financially to these upgrades, and to the people who have done so much of the work! We could not do it without the support of our Burbalac family and the grace of God! Thank you all!

Donations to cover the capital costs are still being gratefully accepted. Please visit the PROJECT EDEN page for donation information.



Weekly manager positions are available for next year’s camping season. These are paid positions and involve cleaning washrooms, tending to the needs of the campers, and overseeing the day-to-day operation of the camp. Please contact Dave Green if you are interested at 705-654-9933. Thanks.