Project Eden

Camp Burbalac – A Special Corner of God’s Creation

For those who have come to know and appreciate this camp – whether it’s the quiet and peaceful woods, the evening sounds of the loon, or the great fishing – it truly is a special place.

In 2009 “Project Eden” was launched. We thank the Lord that in these economically challenging times, we, as a non-profit organization, are able to move forward with much needed property improvements. A number of these improvements involve the main infrastructure of the camp including the electrical system, water distribution, washrooms, roadways and campsites, all of which have been improved upon. Thanks to one generous donation we were able to upgrade our water distribution system for the entire camp.

The electrical upgrade has been divided into three phases.

Phase I & Phase II have been completed. Phase III is a huge undertaking with a matching cost. We are hoping that every camper, both past and present, will prayerfully consider contributing financially with a donation toward “Project Eden – Phase III”.

One of the huge costs of this next stage will be that of purchasing the electrical cable.  We have now initiated a “BUY A METRE OF CABLE” PROJECT …. FOR $50.00 YOU CAN PURCHASE ONE METRE OF CABLE – WE NEED 70  METRES  TO COMPLETE THE PROJECT.

If you would like more information on how you can help us out financially please feel free to contact me directly – go to Reservation page and e-mail me via the administrator.

Yours in Christian camping,

Beth Thomas
President, Burbalac Camp Board